Industrial Image Processing

This lecture will give an introduction and overview over
several subjects in image processing and computer vision that are
relevant for industrial applications.
Details will be given for selected topics.

  1. Introduction
    • Illumination
    • Color image processing
    • Image Acquisition
    • 3D sensors
    • Multi-camera systems and structured light
  2. Calibration
    • Geometric calibration
    • Radiometric calibration
  3. Two-Dimensional Processing
    • Bar-Code detection and reading
    • Stitching and mosaicing
    • Superresolution
  4. Three-Dimensional Processing
    • Stereo-geometry
    • Structured illumination
    • Point cloud processing
  5. Temporal Image Processing
    • Optical flow
    • Tracking

The lecture will be given in two parts.
Introduction and some topics of Sect. 2.-5. will be given on Monday,
23rd. The other topics will be explained in the lecture on Wednesday,
Aug. 1st.
The selection of the topics will be discussed with the participants
from companies and industry.